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Want to Drive More Traffic & Sales To Your Business?

Not every business has a large advertising and marketing budget and most businesses who advertise and market their business on their own, do so with very little results.

Millions of dollars are spent on Marketing and Advertising each year and what you probably don’t know is if this money was strategically invested in the right places it could yield tremendous results.

We can help you figure out where to spend your advertising budget by utilizing data driven analytics along with our tested methods we can increase your website’s traffic. The increased traffic will be continously monitored for conversions into paying customers from merely tire-kicking leads.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.

But It Doesn’t Have To Be.

Social Media Strategy | Get Amplified Media | Tampa Bay

Social Media Strategy

Brand & Logo Design

You’ll have a professional identity to market your services, create materials, and find customers

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Let our staff of professional graphic designers make your brand and logo stand out above the competition.

Audience Creation & Analytics

More visits and conversions at a lower cost and more control over your marketing funnel.

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Identifying your ideal client base and deciding how much to spend in advertising can be a daunting task.  Thankfully, we can handle that for you.

Social Media Management

Not having to do the work yourself. We handle all the posts, scheduling, advertising, and more!

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What should my business post today on social media? This is a common concern, not to worry though we will plan your posts out for 30-60 days

Email Marketing

Emailing marketing is the most underutilized form of marketing. It typically generates a 71% ROI.

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I have a giant email list.  This is a recurring comment  during our initial marketing audit.  Those emails can be put to good use. Let’s show you how.

Small Business Marketing | Get Amplified Media | Tampa Bay

Small Business Marketing


Google Adwords

With Google AdWords, your business can generate leads 24/7/365 at the click of a button.

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What if there was a way to ethically spy on your competitor’s search campaigns and steer some of that traffic towards your business.  Hmm…


Small Business Consulting

Small business coaching and marketing techniques that help your business succeed and grow.

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Everyone can benefit from a little coaching.  Sometimes a fresh view  on your business from the outside in will reveal places for improvement.


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Generate positive results using Facebook Ads, with key demographics and advanced targeting strategy.

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Tried Facebook or Instgram ads before? Did you get the results you expected? Its more than just hitting the “boost this post” button. Leave this to us…


Search Engine Optimization

Top search placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing will drive you more customers.

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Watch your website climb to the top of your local searches, organically.  We know a few things about the secret sauce that makes this happen.

Web Design | Get Amplified Media | Tampa Bay

Web Design

Website Design & redesign

Your website will not only look great and work across all devices, we’ll make sure it converts visitors into leads and sales.

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Wheter you need your first time web site or a complete re-design of your tired 1990’s website.  Rest assured, we know what works.

website development

We can add features or fix bugs, develop a whole new site from scratch, and create a professional e-commerce store for your products.

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Does your website have all the needed back-end to improve your workflow? Our Web Developers can make just about anything possible.  Try us…